About us

Burhani Engineering Works is a leading manufacturer of food packaging machines, integrating development and production expertise. Our product range includes filling and sealing machines, vacuum packing machines, shrink machines, and more.

With a long history in the packing machinery industry, our team has earned a reputation for innovation, reliability, and high-quality technical solutions. Located in Karachi, Pakistan, we are easily accessible and serve clients nationwide and internationally.


BURHANI ENGINEERING WORKS is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of food packaging machine, integrating development and production together. Our company have many years of history in the packing machinery. Through the efforts of our entire staff, we have become a famous packing machines and product processing systems manufacturer. Located at easy approachable location in the middle of the biggest industrial and business City Karachi, Pakistan. BURHANI has immediately appreciated by its vast clientele, both at national and international level, due to its level of innovation, reliability and high quality of its technical solutions.

BURHANI ENGINEERING WORKS production philosophy provides a series of advantages for customers, since they can count on the highest qualitative control of the components, on total inter-changeability of these components and at the same time quaranteeing maximum production turnaround, for new machines and any spares parts.The company includes a specialist mechanical technical office to create executive drawings, installation drawings, exploded drawings and tables for use in manuals. The ability to customize various equipment based on customer requirements ensures an added value for the company.